Wrong Trinket Suggestions

I am balance druid, for single target the AMR suggests Sunblood Amethyst 171 ilvl but I got Inscrutable Quantum Device 184 ilvl on my bag. When I simulate, non-suggested trinket is much more better. Why it is happening? The trinket simulations are wrong?

Sunblood Amethyst 171 ilvl: Not Available
Inscrutable Quantum Device 184 ilvl:
Not Available

It is very difficult to give a good ranking to IQD. In this case I think we’re also seeing a potentially negative interaction between the two on use trinkets you have. The 3 minute cooldown on the IQD is easier to work into your rotation with the 1 min pvp trinket than having the 1 min pvp trinket along with the 1.5 minute sunblood, so you probably aren’t getting the full potential value of the sunblood.

We are going to work on a way to make some adjustments for multiple on-use trinkets in the optimizer, since there are so many on-use trinkets in this expansion right now.

Isn’t the “multiple” on-use trinket being handle in the rotation ? Like a internal cooldown between the next trinket (and the next loop in the rotation will trigger it as soon as the cooldown is finish) ?

Yes we do have automatic handling of multiple cooldowns – not just the game’s built-in shared cooldown, but also special logic to try and make the rotation use them reasonably even without special logic.

But in order for the optimizer rankings to handle on-use trinket combos, we need to run a lot of extra data to test the combinations and adjust them under different conditions. We have done this in the past, but I haven’t had a chance to update that data for Shadowlands yet. It’s on my short list. We decided to delay it since most people run with one on-use trinket.