Wrong upgrades?


on my hunter it is listing things like ring of accuria lower than caster rings and it lists caster daggers as an upgrade.

I’m not seeing what you are seeing. When I load your snapshot I don’t see caster daggers listed as upgrades for you.

There are times when items with intellect or mp5 may be an upgrade for a hunter, but you have the fight length set to 30 seconds, so mana will not become a factor for you.

If you were to increase the fight length you’ll start to see caster items suggested. You can also mitigate this by setting it up to use a major mana potion during the fight.

Hunters are extremely mana-limited for DPS in classic.

when I am looking for upgrades just from Molten Core this is what it showed. I did not adjust the fight timer so it is just for 30 seconds, I think that might be the default.

You have it set to a 90 second fight (that is the default), so that ranking makes sense. In the Best in Bag section, change the settings to give yourself more mana (potion, buffs, shorter fight, etc.) if you do not want to be mana-limited. The upgrade finder uses the settings in Best in Bag, since it ranks relative to your BiB set.

Another problem I am having is it listing things like Zulian Hacker of Agility over the mainhand Hakkari Warblade. And whats wrong with Mandokirs Sting? How is Bloodseeker better?
I set it to use the mana potion like you said, and was looking at upgrades from ZG. Also I changed it to be 90 seconds.

Make sure to re-calculate Best in Bags if you change settings - maybe you have something cached. With your snapshot I’m seeing this:

As far as the bows are concerned: Those two bows have the same normalized weapon damage. The bloodseeker has some strength which gives attack power, which makes up for the slightly lower number of auto attacks - so really it just ends up being a little better.

ya thats the snapshot. It shows the zulian hacker over the mainhand warblade. the one shown under the eye of hakkar is the offhand. I do not get why zulian hacker would ever be over either warblades.

I thought strength only gave melee attack power. this is for a hunter. Does the bow racial matter at all vs the xbow?

I think this has to do with the problem of comparing one-handed upgrades to a currently equipped two handed weapon. If you look at the Best in Slot list - you’ll see that the main hand is certainly better than the zulian hacker - but the hacker can be put in your off hand, and in this case the upgrade finder thinks you are more lacking in the off hand than the main hand.

Yeah, strength is only melee attack power, so wouldn’t affect the hunter calculations.