WTH is going on here please?

OK… here is my snapshot id → 96babf8cca29440facd77f7f06e1b6b5
I am in Classic Era server.,…

Some background… A guildie just got the 20 shadow power enchant on gloves recipe and I assumed I got it… but when I checked… I had no enchant on my hands… I though WTF!!!, as a warlock… How could I miss that!!!
So went to Mr Robot… and redid my char in “best in Bags”… and sure enough… it was saying that for hands… I should have the “Riding skill” enchant (which explains why I would not have bothered with it).

Now I know it “best in bag”… but whats Mr Robot logic here? … I assumed for enchants it was not “best in bag” as I dont have mats for any enchants in my bags… so I assuming it just telling me what I should get. If I click on the riding speed enchant… Mr Robot pops out the list of enchants… and shows the +20 Shadow power at the top benefit (about +0.8% DPS increase)… but still refuses to recommend it in the normal view… I have not fixed/locked it (as far as I aware).

But its worse… when I looked more closely… it seemed to be recommending I change my Hoodoo hex enchant (18spell power + 10 sta) for a “Arcanum of focus”, which is just +8 spell power

If I do a BIS check… it does recommend +20 spell power on gloves…

But I am totally confused here… on the face of it Mr Robot has gone mad.
Can anyone explain what I am missing here… its somewhat shaken my faith :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any insight.

I’m not where I can check the data at the moment, but my guess is that these enchants are tied to specific release phases. We reset the phases for season of mastery.

We can add an option to bypass the phase restrictions.

Also, if we have any enchants tied to the wrong phase, let us know and we can update those.

Thanks for your reply… its not quite consistent with your explanation though, because as I said… if I click on the enchant, it pops out a window which shows all possible enchants that do include the +20 shadow power one… so its not consistently excluding the phase enchants.
Anyway - when you back at work… if you can check and confirm.
I know SOM is the hot item… but please dont forget us classic era players :slight_smile:
Thanks again and best regards

The list will show all available enchants, but the Best in Bags optimizer will only pick from those available through the current phase.

I’m working on an update for later today that will let classic players pick between either mode since the classic site is now supporting two different phases at the same time.

I just posted an update with an “Ignore Phases” option under the enchant options for Best in Bags. Check that and it will use any enchant available in any phase.

Note that in the snapshot you provided in your original post that you have explicitly excluded the Shadow Power enchant. You should make sure to undo that exclusion if you want the optimizer to suggest that enchant.

Thanks… yes… with the “ignore phases” option ticked… it seems to be working appropriately for classic era.
Thanks for your help. Appreciated :slight_smile: