WW Monk Adaptive update?

With the newest update to windwalker monk nerfing T19 and other changes, is their an ETA when Adaptive will be updated? Also if i were to do my own gearing-strategy, has the APL been updated to reflect the new changes?

We ran a new strategy last night and will post it up today sometime hopefully.

The rotation has been updated to account for the set bonus changes. The rotation is also updated to account for Antorus gear.

We had to make some other changes as well, so it won’t get posted until tomorrow probably.

Thank you so much for taking a look and the quick response.

Any more update on this?

We should have it ready in the next couple days. We are working on a lot of updates at the same time right now trying to stay on top of the antorus release.

So I just looked at the tooltip for our tier 20 and it still doesn’t have the oct 26 Hotfix changes. Also when I go to sim and look a Version, I see Live and then Does this mean Live as in 7.3.2 release or with hotfixes?

I didn’t update the version number due to some technical issues, but it is up to date with the current version of the game.

It’s possible that an item or spell tooltip might be out of date, but the simulator is up to date.

I’m doing an update later today with some gear ranking tweaks for many specs as well, mainly to include tier 21 stuff.

So the ww monk spec is still listing 2pc t19 as 2 sec rsk reduction and 4pc t20 as +65% crit chance for rsk , after the change back on october 26th, and trying to get me to equip t19 items 30ilvls lower than other gear.

Am i understanding your post right that this is an actual upgrade and amr does know that the bonus is really 2pc t19 - 1sec rsk reduction 4pc t20 - 30% crit?



You can always look at our implementations of every spell – we publish them all on our theorycraft wiki.

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Thanks,ill be honest i’ve never really looked in there much.

Yeah I think a lot of people don’t know it’s there… we haven’t done a good job of pointing it out in various places on the website. Every spell, rotation, boss script – all there, and you can edit and make your own versions of any of those things as well.