Error Exporting

Tried re-optimising, altering some settings but it seems to be the same result each time. The only way to get it to work seems to be deleting the 2 off specs and only have a main spec?

Im getting the same error for priest.

If you could press the “Help” link to the right of the big Best in Bags section title, then press Create Support Post. It will generate a snapshot ID – copy that here, and I can take a closer look.

It seems that maybe something with today’s update is causing a problem with the caching of Best in Bags results, so it can’t find them all when exporting. I’m investigating, but the more info I can get from users experiencing the problem, the quicker I’ll be able to find the issue.

Snapshot ID: b45c9547637d474e8ec511eed83f8333

I’ve checked on a demon hunter and on my paladin (5 specs total) and I’m getting the same error as above. If I delete all but one spec and export it, that works. Thanks for looking into this!


randomly starting working for a 2nd spec, but the 3rd won’t xD



I’m getting it for all my specs for every toon.

I posted an update just now that should fix this issue – you may need to refresh the web page first, then export again.

Looks good! Thanks again!

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