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When I check widget on account page it shows that no simulations run. I had it on running week or so. Restarted computer last evening but still no simulations run. I use Mac with latest Sierra build and Glonet is set enabled, max mode, always on. Any ideas what’s the problem?


It wasn’t running over this weekend – had to go out of town for a thing. We’re back though, and starting tomorrow it will be running quite often. So leave it on – you’ll see it start to do work this week!


I have a server farm at home connected to the net. Couple ESX boxes. How might I get a hold of this? Can I let my guild use my servers to calculate stuff?



Right now the global network is only set up to run simulations that we start, which are all the simulations for calculating the gearing strategies on the website. You can download the simulation client here:

In there are some options which will hook it up to the global network.

We are thinking about ways to make the global network available to the participating users when we are not running community sims, but we haven’t implemented anything yet. Finding a way to be fair about it is tricky.

If you are a premium user, you can start up and log in with multiple clients on multiple computers. Whenever you run a simulation, it will be sent out to all your actively connected clients. We don’t have a way for a different user to access your clients at this time.


If the user logs in as me and is a premium user from my guild is that okay? I manage a guild subscription and would like to allow my guild members to sim using my array.



Further question here. Can I turn this on as a service and have it run during non-peak hours of my business? If so I will run this on my production stuff as well from 5pm to 5am. EST in my ESXi cluster. About 1200 cores.



The easiest way to run it as a service is to use nssm:
It’s a very easy way to turn any executable into a service.