251 tier over 264


It wants me to get 251 tier for bis with 25 man icc listed instead of 264. Am I doing it wrong?

We’ll fix that in an update sometime today. I had to add some special code since the 264 gear is available from two difficulties (heroic 10 and normal 25), and looks like it didn’t quite work as expected, it’s filtering it out unless heroic 10 is selected.

I am sure you are working at it but its still bugged. Not sure if the update went out today or not.

Didn’t get the update today, going to do it tomorrow sometime.

Im having the same issue! it wants me to to keep on my 200 t7 gear instead of my t9 225

I don’t think your issue is the same… could you post a snapshot of your case for me to try out? Instructions on how to do that here: