7.2 Website Update Number 2

Some more stuff!

IMPORTANT: We need to test and optimize some of the rotations in the simulator to make best use of the new traits and set bonuses and items still. We will be researching and testing all that over the next couple weeks.

  1. There is a new “sim type” in the simulator called 7.2 Artifact Path. It will suggest the order in which to buy your new artifact traits. Most of the time you’ll go for new gold, but sometimes there is a particularly strong minor trait worth a point along the way.

  2. Added new crafted/obliterum item data.

  3. Added Protection Warrior new artifact traits to simulator, all specs should be in there now.

  4. Implemented all tier 20 set bonuses in the simulator. Please note! There’s a chance Blizzard will change these before they actually go live, but they are there for you to play with.

  5. Fixed a couple optimizer bugs, so if you had best-in-bags or best-in-slot trouble, try again!