7.2 Website Update Number 4

Small update with some more tweaks based on live data.

  1. Further improvements to the 7.2 Artifact Path simulation type. It is based around finding the best 43-point combination (number of points you need to get to the new gold trait), then using a “greedy” order to there, and from there. It will show the 43-point combo in green now, and the remaining in tan.

  2. Implemented the Cathedral of Eternal Night trinkets in the simulator.

  3. These changes are now live in the simulator: 7.2 Changes not in Blizzard's Patch Notes

Updates to the existing “Auto” gearing strategies are coming very soon, they are cranking on our servers as we type this! We are also working on rolling out tweaks to the “version 2” gearing strategy beta, still aiming to get those into live use well before Tomb of Sargeras.