Accuracy in question

Sin Rogue doesn’t seem optimal with the amount of haste this sim keeps trying to push on me (16%) for mythic +. Also, it keeps preferring 415 rings over my Flaring Cowl/421 Seal of Diurna which I am quite certain is not right. Another odd preference is my 418 Alacritous Alchemist Stone 4% better than my 415 Algeth’ar Puzzle Box. Then, 398 bracer is better than 418 Needlessly Complex Wristguards? For the AGI alone that last one really ruins this sim’s credibility for me. I am a sub to this sim, but unless these discrepancies are fixed or the logic explained I am considering cancelling.

Can you post a snapshot of your specific case? With that, I can look into this specifically. We use a different calculation method/model, so the results may not be the same as you would get from SimC, but that’s ok up to a point. I’d want to see how large a difference we are seeing here. Some items with specific synergy or which are very popular can be adjusted in the model if that ends up being warranted.

Directions for creating a snapshot: