Add to bag rates

Was trying to use “Add to bag” with crafted rings and got a weird answer when lower ilvl gives more than higher

Maybe I miss something that Robot didn’t?

Could you give me a snapshot that I can use to reproduce this case? That is a strange result. Instructions below on how to create a snapshot ID:

I’m sorry, I got the id but forgot to mention it: 162a0329dd40448a969324f89fb8c498

Thanks… I see the issue. Sometimes the ranking gets a little tricky when combined with the Gem+Enchant Threshold setting for Best in Bags. That setting will essentially ignore gem/enchant changes that are below your specified threshold in order to save cost/gold.

It looks like part of the code that is ranking extra items in your “Add to my bag” list of items is ignoring that setting, so it’s allowed to use better gems/enchants to go with the solution, thus leading to a weird ranking. (If you set it to disabled, you’ll see that the two items appear in the correct order.)

I’ll give it some thought… that setting unfortunately leads to some ambiguities in the rankings for the Upgrade Finder that are hard to reconcile in a way that won’t lead to some confusion in certain cases.