Add to my Bag - Not functioning as expected

I think that I am doing this wrong, so, I have been trying to seee the CVOS against my gear.
I have read the other threads on add to bag, but not seen any of that showing the same as what I see.

I have attempteed to add Gronnstalker’s to my bags -

And when I click find upgrades, I just get the following -

If I just then go to the upgrades seection, it doesn’t seem to add the gronnstalker’s to my gear because it isn’t listed as “in my bag”

They also show a DPS loss per item. But is there a way we can see it witht he bonus?


I think I was not using it correctly…
It seems to just check them against other items you select.

I was expecting it to just allow me to do the check against the gear I already had and these new items added to my stuff, then show me all the upgrades afterwards.

Apparently it instead needs you to chose the items you want to test as a group.

If you haven’t yet, read this post first:

Though it references the Great Vault (a Shadowlands thing), the Add to my Bag search uses a similar ranking technique.

Set bonuses are always a bit of a pain… we have done various things with them over the years. As it works right now, the regular upgrade finder searches like the Raid search will take your current Best in Bags solution as-is, replace the single item with the one in the list, and show you how much that would change your score. It’s simple yet intuitive, and fast – so we can rank hundreds of items quickly. That said, it’s not great at looking ahead to figure out if set bonuses will be good or not.

The Add to my Bag search is a bit more involved, as described in that post above. It was still created in the context of getting a single item or reward though. If you have one short of a set bonus, it will be good at letting you know if getting the set item will improve your score.

If you have no set items, neither search will help much with looking ahead to e.g. a 4- or 5-piece bonus. We have gone back and forth on how to handle that over the years… it usually takes quite a while to gather a set in TBC, so doing something compared to your current gear is of limited usefulness. We would recommend looking at Best in Slot to figure out: down the road, will the set bonuses be worth using in a complete set of end-game gear? If so, it’s probably worth going for them. Best in Bags will help you along the way to tell you if you should hold out equipping your set items until you collect more of the set, or equip it right now.