AMR Not Recognizing M+ version Tier Gear

Got the M+ version of the raid tier shoulders in the vault today, I then noticed when going to valor upgrading section that they are not being recognized at the moment…

Could you provide a snapshot of your character with this item in your inventory, and let me know which particular item you are referring to? With that I can look into it further. Instructions on making a snapshot here:

Ahh no worries thank you for the info… :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why OP didn’t follow through. But I’m having the same issue. Tier helm I’m wearing is 6/12, and valor upgrade is not listing the item at all.


I wasn’t aware you could upgrade tier like that with Valor, it might have come from an M+ Great Vault slot but it doesn’t make sense that you could incrementally upgrade it.
I took a heroic tier piece last reset and it doesn’t have an x/12 line on it, so something has changed. Perhaps it’s something to do with this week and the Creation Catalyst?

I’ve not heard about being able to upgrade it like normal M+ gear, but I’ve not gone looking either. Is there an official Blizzard post explaining what’s happening?

The upgrade path only comes from mythic dungeons.

The helm im wearing in that snapshot is from the Catalyst, which was a mythic dungeon item. All the others are from the Vault’s Mythic Dungeon row.

Okay so it was a generic M+ 252 helm you converted to tier but after conversion it keeps the x/12 line on it.
If you take it to a Valor upgrade NPC does it recognise it as valid?

I’m wondering how Blizzard has implemented it, I figured they just give you an equivalent ilvl piece of tier gear but that indicates they’ve made it more complicated, both for them, us and the AMR team.

Edit. I went looking for details and they did make it more complicated for everyone! This means that it’s possible to have tier pieces at odd item levels, not something I expected them to do.

Thanks for the snapshot – I’ll take a look and get the valor upgrade search to detect these items in the next update.