AMR Protection Paladin Gear calculations

So here goes. I really appreciate your website and what it does, it works very well for my priest and my hunter. but when it comes to my Prot Pali, I’m convinced the website struggles to balance your gear so much that it inadvertently never stops changing your gear configuration, and if you try to bypass the gems and enchants, then it frequently reverts back to inferior gear. for example.

I bought the token Helm and then I allowed AMR to re-balance it. I went through and installed or changed gems including a meta, adding 5 chants and a couple gear buffs including a head buff that cost 75 gold. plus I must have spent another 200g getting gems cut and chants put on the gear. I rebalanced it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. and what does AMR do, it completely reconfigures the whole gear set, reverting back to weaker gear and asking me to get new chants and buffs to my gear some of which are from Classic, that I have neither the rep for or nor the items it requires to gain access to the vendors, I.E. ZG and The Scale of the Sands. So now I’m really irritated.

I turned off all the Gems and the chants and now its making me start all over will older gear. i got to tell you. this is one giant expensive exercise in futility. I’ve literally been working on this for 2 or 3 hours. so out of frustration I’m writing you guys to see if you have any tricks or suggestions on how to get AMR to do calculations right the first time, it seems like your database is inaccurate and whenever you do what it wants, AMR recognizes that the statistics aren’t what it expected and then does additional re-calculations, but in the process it just becomes a frustrating mess.

Furthermore, everybody tells me that pali tanks need to stack Stamina to give healers the time it takes to keep you alive on mobs and bosses in raids. but it almost never suggests items with armor or stamina. Once i get to 102.40 midigation, AMR focuses on caster gear and caster enchants on the gear. it is frequently swapping these 2 types of gear back and forth which is what leads to constantly changing buffs and chants and gems. I understand why its doing this, but it becomes overly complicated and expensive. My question is why doesn’t it pursue stacking armor and Stamina in balance with midigation gear and Caster gear? When I raised the number of mobs i anticipate tanking from say, 2 to 4, it does apply very small amounts of stamina, but nothing like most websites suggest.

Thank you for any feedback and suggestions. Here is my most recent snapshot of my Pali.

$6;US;Old Blanchy;Mullensdau;Lincoln Wiped On Opera;5;1;70;-932:42999,-87:-35750,-529:32351,-809:220,-970:18818,-942:42999,-989:27691,-21:9525,-934:-42000,-909:0,-369:8217,-978:3893,-577:6840,-47:18539,-270:42999,-72:31715,-470:6664,13:375,-749:28204,-1031:33962,-54:13798,-946:42999,-930:9542,-576:-1707,7:375,-935:42999,1:375,-59:9003,-609:42999,-730:0,-967:42999,-990:0,-1011:42999,-69:14583,-910:-14169,-933:17656,12:1;1;.s1;PALADIN;0000000000000000000005305133500021025215510500500020000000000000;.q1;27802s3x24062y0e2978;3s11;86s13;637s14;83s17e-1907;51s5e1590;405s10e276;2s7e-189;104s2;70s9e-100;80s12;65s18;645s8e145;609s15e-2425;190s16e2301;628s6;623s1x0y1834e330;.inv;2820;81;922;2133;992;1537;545;210;2242;328;167f1416;2f1510;285;265;19;387;18f1504;16;129;82;199;586;576;597;1171;428;219;77;40;37;81;1319e1888;184;447;21;870e5;588;557;0;0;41;105;1;151;17e7;3;4e-7;390;102;215;41;274;0;1;0;192;120;15;0;1;0;1;341;325x24062y-30;1x28y-28z23e1118;1x-23y0z0e-12;10;30;13;3;1;11;434;23;20x23y7;27x4396y0;49;105;1;115;3;14;1;7;1x-4403y-3;70;6x0y3;548f45;34f45;10f32;1f28;377;86;2;7;11;2;109;1;50;14;73e-64;15;119x-3y0;56;8;57;2;1375;16;23;16y10e-143;0;14;39;1;6;3;10;109;0;5;77x0y0e185;44;7;9;4x-10y10;1e-355;34;22;0;0;0;12;12;9x-947y937z10;4;4x-7y-3;4;72;8x-20y23;57;23;4;34;64x-3e-731;9x0y0e901;4x0y8358e207;23x-8378y30z-29e151;2;2;49;1;10;18x19y1849e-148;11;25;3;26;48;17;40;61;2x-1869y30e-65;40;11;52;0x-30y30z0;39e-315;1;3;11;68;4x-30y30e318;1;1;5e-285;373e137;57;1;6;58;30;57;6;45;47;17;0;0;12;272;83;116;2;9;129x-10y0z0;180;37e189;822;3;20;1;139;11;5;374;7;47;6;2;32;5;29;269;10e-3;5;368;123;51;282;3;188$

If you could also provide a snapshot of your setups, we can take a closer look. You can do that by following the instructions below: