AMR SoD gear for M+?

Recently I ran a Best in Bags for Multi-Target strategy as I run a lot of Mythic Plus. To my surprise it recommended changing into SoD tier pieces and even said to change the shards. This is clearly an error as the benefit from domination sockets is only seen while within the Maw and SoD. I double checked that I had unticked “In Maw/Sanctum” in Step 2. It had some other strange changes like swapping out my 252 Shadowgrasp Totem for a 246 Inscrutable Quantum Device and removing Lightless Force enchant for Sinful Revelation. You always say that if AMR recommends it, it’s a dps increase no matter how unexpected, so I ran a dungeon slice dps sim, then made all the changes and ran a second dps sim. Not surprisingly the second one was lower in dps.

Snapshot ID: 8cf5e23a1f714631a81eea1a0e7dee7d

We would need a snapshot of your setups to take a closer look and see what’s up. Instructions on how to do that here:

edited to add snapshot id

In this case, your current gear and the suggested gear are simulating very close to one another (within 1%). With all the factors and procs, effects, etc. in the game these days… it is difficult to follow the simulation data much closer than that.

I think the main source of the difference here is the trinket setup. It is hard to predict exactly how any two given trinkets will interact, especially when one or both are on-use. All the other changes end up being more or less neutral according to some spot checks.

Lightless Force should probably be given more value in a multi-target setup - that is the only other thing that I see which is significant. In the snapshot you posted, you don’t have Lightless Force on either weapon, but putting that on is a fairly large DPS gain.

Ok, but why is it suggesting equipping tier pieces AND changing their domination sockets when this will have zero benefit in any location other than the maw and SoD even after I have unchecked the “in maw/sod” option?
As for Lightless Force, I was running that but removed it at AMR’s advice the last time I ran a multi-target setup Best in Bags. It seems that this tool is far from accurate.

The domination gems work outside the maw, it is the set bonus that doesn’t.

I guess I would argue that “far from accurate” is a subjective statement. There are over 91 billion ways to combine the gear and other effects you have. In less than a second, we can find one for you that is within a very small margin of the simulated output. That simulation also has an unknown margin of error because simulations do not exactly mirror in-game experiences.

With the exception of lightless force being under-valued, I think the suggestions given are all reasonable. We are going through and updating everything in preparation for 9.2 anyway, so we’ll tweak the values for lightless force in the optimizer.

This optimization problem is way too large to be “perfect” - especially when “perfect” is a constantly moving and evolving target that is fuzzy to begin with! When we find cases like this where there is an effect that seems a little off, we tweak it. We continuously improve the optimizer over the course of each expansion.

So I think the main issue in this particular case with the enchants is that in the simulator, sinful revelation is not triggering when placed on the off hand for a subtlety rogue. Whether this is actually how it works in-game I’d have to test… but according to the spell data it only triggers on spells/abilities, not auto attacks, and I’m not sure if subtlety has frequent enough off-hand hits that could trigger it… of if the game lets it trigger from any spell/ability, not just off-hand hits.

If you swap sinful to your main hand and simulate, you’ll see why the optimizer is preferring it, it simulates a tad higher.

Whether putting it in the off hand causes an issue in-game I’d have to test… I feel like it probably doesn’t and we should tweak the simulator implementation.

Yeah, it actually does proc off of specials like rupture, backstab, shadowstrike, shadow blades even when it is on the off hand.

thank you for your help. It looks like I am the one who is far from accurate as I didn’t realise that it was only the set bonus that didnt work outside of the maw/sod. I thought it was gem attributes too, thanks for clearing that up for me