(AMR) SPEC AND EQUIP GEAR Not working correctly

I try to use the gear switcher in the addon and i keep getting this message,

AskMrRobot: An item in your saved gear set could not be equipped.
AskMrRobot: Try opening your bank and running this command again, or check your void storage.

The gear is in my bags and the addon dose not seem to recognize (Chain of Thrayn) at all I have to manually equip it along with the shoulders (Ashes to Dust).

This started about a week ago I figured the last update would have fixed it but still dose not work any advice ?

First thing to check is that the version of the add-on you’re using is the newest; if you update through an add-on manager site, then that’s dealt with.

Have you set Custom iL thresholds and if so, is the item in question outside the upper limit? If you’re using the default ones, then nothing in game is currently over iL1000, so that won’t be it.

The only thing that may not be acknowledged by BiB is that you’ve set all your latest gear to each of the spec’s the character in question has Artifact Weapons for, so as is mentioned often try this:

*With the in-game tool open, equip the full set of gear you have for every Artifact Weapon you own, even if you don’t play that spec’n.
*Open all you Bank/Void Storage options for a few seconds each to allow all possible gear to be seen.
*Shift-Click ALL Artifacts you own so that if you have any new Relics, they can be assigned, if necessary.

Once you’ve done that, only THEN export the data string to the website to run BiB… if this doesn’t resolve the gear assignment issue, the unfortunately I’m out of answers & Yellowfive, Swol, et al are the ones to take over.

Good luck & hope this helps.

I sometimes have seen the issue where it doesn’t detect the legendaries as matching the ones in your bag… still tracking down what causes it. Usually if I export to website and do BiB again, then import back into the game, it fixes it up.

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