AMR vs Raidbots

Hello dear AMR team,

I wanted to ask or know why the two sides want to use totally different gear/enchantments and gems. Which side can you trust more because the BiS list from AMR does not match the one from wowhead.

I would appreciate a detailed answer.

Thanks and best regards

AMR Gear Sim : 315 011 DPS
RB Gear Sim : 329 238 DPS

that’s 15k DPS difference that’s a lot in a raid ?!

You trust the one YOU want to.

Do you Raid with exactly the same team every time?
Can you guarantee that you will produce the same result every time?
Can you guarantee that everyone else will do the same, every time?

Also; have Blizzard told you you ‘must’ be able to produce the numbers you quoted? THEY wrote/developed the game & only Blizzard can ‘tell’ you what results your character should be able to produce.
Remember; you came to AMR for advice… you don’t have to accept it - the two sites in question are offering you advice, not telling you how to play; you’re entirely free to do with the advice, you get from any source, what you choose to.

I can’t give you a detailed answer without any details! What spec, what settings did you use, talents, etc. You can create a snapshot using the “help” link next to any of the section headers, and copy the snapshot ID here. Instructions in this post: