Arms Warrior Haste values and Corruption stacking

I have been testing this for several days now, and every test has essentially concluded the same thing, AMR is not valuing enough haste on Arms Warrior. The links I’m sharing below include a few things to support this. I can only share 2 of the links since I’m new, I removed the link to Blood Mallet and the link to my first and third sims. I should also mention I deleted all other gear presets and am only running the Single Target build. I’ll work more on AoE builds later. My questions are at the end past all of the “data”.

  1. My snapshot ID: 7b77a7dfec5e433696439f660eec28c1
    This shows what AMR is suggesting. Simming this build comes out to 75,288. Part of the issue in this build is valuing my 470 belt with echoing void 2 over my 470 belt with racing pulse 3.

  2. Swapping out for what I can find as BiS with a focus on haste sims at 80,253. (Not valuing haste correctly)

The things I’ve noticed in addition to haste is that:
A. Its not valuing essence effeciency correctly (based on data from Blood Mallet). Echoing Void rank 3 is one of the worst dps per corruption points available, rank 2 is so bad it doesn’t even make the list. Whereas Racing Pulse 3 is one of the best.

B. It does not valuing triple stacking Test of Might correctly and instead looks for 2 stacks of Test of Might and 1 Lord of War. (see link below to warcraftlogs, all top arms warriors are running 3 ToM and 2 HoD)

C. It does value 2 Heart of Darkness correctly.

What started my looking into this more closely was looking at top performing Arms Warriors on warcraftlogs. For example: I also noticed that the ones I looked at all run as many Expedient 3s as possible, and stack all their gem slots with haste gems. I honestly think that adding 1 Ineffable Truth rank 1 would be a DPS gain if one of the E3s were replaced with it, but I’ll have to do more testing to come up with that.

Additionally, the sim for taking essentially my best haste gear in my bags, purifying everything and replacing it with 5 Expedient Rank 3s and 1 Ineffable Truth 1 comes in even higher at 89k:

So, here are my questions.
Q1. Why isn’t haste being valued more appropriately? There’s an abundance of evidence now that counters the “fairly even stat distribution” philosophy that is displayed in the “Optimal Stat Distribution” chart in the app. Even looking at the max ilvl gear, its not wanting that much haste. Some of the top arms warriors are running upwards of 70-80% haste and only 20-30% crit. Do the charts need updated?
Q2. Will AMR be able to make these kinds of caluculations in the future (i.e. stacking corrputions)? I understand if not, its a lot of work to do just to be thrown away in 6 months with the corrpution system.
Q3. Most importantly, have I missed something? I’m always open to constructive feedback or a different way to look at things.

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A quick update to this that I completely forgot to mention. Gale-Force Striking simmed higher than Deadly and Quick Navigation every time I ran it. I actually forgot to include a weapon enchant at all on the sims I ran, and reran them all. Quick bumped it to 90.1k, Deadly was at 89.7k, but GFS bumps the dps to 90.7k. This was consistent previously even on lower ilvl weapons like a 460 Sk’shull Vaz.

It does look like either test of might isn’t ranking high enough, or maybe lord of war is ranking a tad too high. It is quite difficult to follow simulation data exactly at this point because there are so many complex interactions.

In your case, I’d use the customize feature to push the optimizer to go for 3x test of might. Getting the optimizer to just do it automatically is something we can look into… but it might cause a lot of unforeseen consequences.

Racing Pulse is a little puzzling in this case - it does seem to be much better than the optimizer believes it to be. I’m not sure why it is not picking that by default. I’ll see if I can figure out why it isn’t getting picked. The final set of gear that gets picked without racing pulse ends up being within about 2-3% of optimal, but that still indicates that racing pulse itself is very significantly under-valued.

As far as weapon enchants go - my simulations show gale force striking to be comparable to deadly navigation.

Here is default BiB:
72.9k DPS

BiB if 3x Test of Might is forced:
76.1k DPS

BiB if 3x Test of Might is forced and Racing Pulse is given 2x value:
77.1k DPS

And that same set if I replace deadly navigation with gale force:
77.2k DPS

Keep in mind my margin of error was 0.5%, so about 400 DPS either way. Except for the 3x Test of Might, we’re not talking about big or, arguably, noticeable changes here. Like I said before - the number of interactions and complexities has gotten to the point that our optimizer isn’t going to be able to follow every little DPS blip the simulator can show us.

Also, note that I use our simulator, not simc, so the absolute values might be a bit different because our models of the game are slightly different. They are really close, though, so functionally you could use either to do your simulations and get very similar results.

Here is a link to my customization if you want to use it for your BiB:

At this point, we have been using the customization to tailor the results because it is so crazy right now.

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I posted an update to the site that should improve the arms warrior optimization. You’ll have to change something - like a setting in your BiB - to get the cache to let go of the old optimization. You can change it back after you re-calculate. Give it a shot and see what you think.

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Thank you so much! I’ve never played with the customized builds so that will be fun to mess around with, but I can definitely see the changes in the recommended gear already. I’ll play with it some more tonight when I can log on for a bit.

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