ASK for BiB and Upgrade Finder

hello everyone, I’m probably too inept for search. Excuse me. does BiB also allow a soulbind change? Currently, BiB recommends a different soulbind than BiS. I know the BiB is always based on the current.
with the upgrade finder on wednesday i had the problem that i had 3 items to choose from in the vault that were 30 Ilvl above my current gear. all 3 were a downgrade. however, it was one with a socket. when I then socketed it, it was an upgrade again. is an empty socket not included in the calculation?
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Yes, we always consider sockets and fill them with the best available gem for all gear rankings on the website.

Best in Bags will choose a soulbind and conduits for you, but you can lock in a soulbind and force the optimizer to use that instead if you wish. To do that:

  1. Click anywhere on the row of icons representing the chosen soulbinds:

  2. Click on the soulbind that you want the optimizer to use, then click Lock Path:

  3. Then click Close, and Re-Optimize.

If you ever run into a case that doesn’t make sense to you, you can always create a snapshot and post it here with your question, and we can take a look at it. Instructions on how to create a snapshot are in this post: