Ask mr Robot to work on Opera GX browser

I use the new Opera GX and its looks and the Ask mr robot page dont work correctly in it, as when you clcik on upgrtade finder and get items listed thenits list every singel items, and not ust the one you need.
When I open it in Chrome it works, andyone of you can test this out, maybe its ust a comanndo line in the page script to get it to work in opera gx. Im happy to donate to get this working :slight_smile:

I can put it on the list of things to check out… but Opera is not an officially supported browser, so it will be a low priority. We don’t use anything that won’t work in a major browser that correctly implements the html/css/js specifications… must be some quirk with Opera GX.

Not sure, but as I see more and more games are starting to use Opera GX i ust wanted to notify and see if its possible. And if it is a big jobb or a small jobb, as someone told me that it was ust a litle code that was needed. So hope its so simpel :):slight_smile:

I got a chance to try out opera GX really quick… I didn’t see any issues with the upgrade finder. There are a few minor alignment and sizing issues with e.g. the best in slot options overflowing their container instead of stretching it, but nothing that makes it unusable.

If you have a snapshot of something specific that is not working I can give it a try. Instructions on how to make a snapshot here:

ok Gonna test it again and see it was the first inport afte a reinstall of windows maybe it was some bug in the first import, but I will test it out and give feedback.