Astral Alchemical Stone isn't properly giving its buff in simulations

Hello! I guess this is a bug report.

So I usually use raidbots and AMR combined with each other. I was simming a 915 Engine of Eradication v. a 935 Astral Alchemist Stone. Raidbots told me the alchemist stone was about an 8k upgrade. AMR, however, simmed it as a 60k dps loss. I thought this was weird, asked around, then noticed that AMR isn’t including the alchemist stone’s buff.

Here’s a link to the simulation through AMR with it equipped:

Here’s a link to the simc report: .

It looks like there should be an “infernal alchemist stone” buff with an upkeep of about 25-ish%. Without that buff it’s probably why there’s such a huge disparity. not sure this is something y’all are already looking into, but figured I should report it anyway just in case someone else is confused. :slight_smile:

Hey Elderheart,

You don’t see the buff because the trinket hasn’t be implemented yet. Yellow (the developer) started downloading the data right before he went on vacation so he wasn’t able to finish all the 7.3 stuff.

All the new items should be implemented soon though.

Ah cool! Okay, good to know. :slight_smile: wasn’t sure, but I’ll keep this post up in case other folks get confused about the disparity!

Looks like I missed this one… will add it in the next update.

I have implemented this item in the simulator, and we’ll be rolling out updates to all specs that rank it, along with the new dungeon trinkets and any significant class changes from the patch.