Astral Alchemist stone vs Infernal Alchemist stone

Today I crafted Astral Alchemist Stone (AAS) and fully upgraded to 935, but AMR Best in Bags shows that Infernal Alchemist stone (IAS) 900 is an upgrade to AAS 935?! Totally confused since I was quite sure based on the description for both items that AAS is basically the same as IAS just with better stats because of the iLVL. Does AAS have lover proc rate or item is not updated on AMR properly?
The only topic with AAS on the forum Astral Alchemical Stone isn’t properly giving its buff in simulations but it hasn’t been updated since September.
update: it is only for Guardian speck, for Balance AAS 935 offered as an upgrade to Darkmoon Deck: Hellfire 900 which seems fine.

As far as I know that trinket should be implemented and working. Could you give me an addon export for your character where you are seeing the problem? Then I can try it out, see what’s up.

Thanks for quick reply,
addon export under the link:

This is what I have after updating character using that string:

T1 - AAS 935
T2 - Darkmoon Desk Immortality 900
IAS 900 offered as an upgrade to T1

No reply received to the last post but when I checked next day I haven’t got this obviously wrong suggestion for the trinket replacement. It was fine for a while until I got it again tonight. Something is definitely not right.

AMR export

I’ll try to get this fixed in the next update… the proc on both trinkets is exactly the same, seems like for one it’s not picking up the estimate.

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As a side note, this will also fix an issue where the optimizer was equipping two alchemist stones, which I’m pretty sure you can’t do.

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