Bank gear equip etc

Ok, so i know that your “simulator” which appears to be wrong on several accounts is supposed to check all your gear bla bla bla, but seriously…HOW does your addon justify (at 460 ilvl plus) putting on a legion legendary thats in my bank? Is there an option to exclude bank in best in bags?

This is a topic for exluding legendary. I get it. I have paid for your service and you make me work to sim my character MORE than what your engine is doing. YOU should have the ability to omit banks and stuff that CLEARLY is not beneficial. Your site should represent simulation for current tier. That is what we are paying for. This has happened on more than one toon. Its happened on multiples. Your essence recommendations are also wrong by literally almost every single top log for any given fight. Explain please why people should retain subs to this and why you dont make this site usable in a sense that helps progressive players…

If you press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, then press Create Support Post, and copy the generated snapshot ID here, we can see your exact case.

It would be very rare to suggest a legion legendary unless something unusual is going on with your gear, e.g. you simply don’t have another weapon of the proper type for your spec. When you post your snapshot I can take a closer look and answer your question in more detail.

If there are specific essences that you think are not ranking as you expect, give us specific examples and we would be happy to look at it in more detail with you.