How do I exclude a legendary I have that I don't wanna use from being calculated using the best in bags feature?

I have a legendary trinket that I don’t want to be calculated in best in bags. The reason being I like my rotation with my current two legendaries and dont want the trinket included because I don’t wanna use it regardless if it will do more dps. How do I set it so it excludes that trinket? I tried putting the trinket in the bank but it still calculates it. What do I do here?

Lock in the two legendaries that you want to use instead. Click on the slot you want to put that legendary in on the best in bags result, it brings up a list of items you own. Click on the item you want to force it to use, then close the list. You will see a dotted line around a locked item. Then press “Save and Update” above the best in bags result table, and it will optimize around that.

Can you add in a feature that Locks in “Spec Appropriate Legendaries Only”? At this point, people have multiple legendaries, especially with the change being per spec looted. I have 6 Spec-Only on my Druid and AMR has a field day with trying to put on certain ones. I could lock in the two I would prefer to wear, but I try to let AMR handle things as natural as possible.

My current situation involves my Guardian form not wanting to use the Tanking Trinket nor the Tanking Legs. That may just be that they don’t provide as much as the stats from Non-Spec legendaries. I also did try to lock in those two Legendaries, but it involved AMR messing up and telling me I don’t have the Tanking Trinket and telling me to only equip a Non-Legendary trinket.