Best in Bag suggests 400 level downgrade

Snapshot ID: 155c10049fd24f94ad3c5a6308689793

For some reason, BiB is suggesting I put on some ilvl 35 gear, which is about a 400 ilvl downgrade…

It looks like there’s something going on with the custom stat allocation feature in your case… we’ll take a look. Sometimes when a new tier of content comes out it can take a bit of trial and error to dial in that part of the optimization – it is quite difficult to balance an arbitrary stat goal with the actual mathematical model of the game, run into all sorts of ambiguities.

You could turn that off for the moment, it more or less picks the gear that you already have, trades out haste on your gems for stamina, puts on a couple higher ilvl items to get more stamina, and trades a pure-DPS trinket for one with a little bit of defensive utility – since you have chosen “all defense” as your strategy option, these are all good changes.

I am also having this issue on multiple alts, heirloom gear, legendary gear all of which are 100’s of ilvls below the 400+ gear I have equipped. I had even changed from all defense BEFORE I came to this site, and still no change.

I would need to see your specific case to determine if it is the same as this issue. Instructions on how to do that here:

We posted a site update that should make the secondary stat customization feature work a bit smoother. That feature is as much art as science though… so let us know if you still run into any issues and we can make further adjustments.