Best in Bags - Gem and Enchant filter and quality settings ignored

No matter what I set for Gem/Enchant filter and level, AMR always selects the highest level and quality. e.g. “none” still selects gems and enchants; “quality 1” setting suggests quality 3 enchants, etc.

Give us a snapshot and we can try your specific case and see what’s up:

Here is the snapshot:


I just figured out that If i switch the order of the specs to put the current in-game spec first, the gem and enchant filters work, but that isn’t the order I prefer.

The order of the specs in the list tells us which spec has the highest priority. If you put the spec with the better gems/enchants filter as first priority, the optimizer will optimize that spec’s gear accordingly. The next spec in the list will not touch those gems/enchants, since we assume your higher priority spec will be optimized per those suggestions.

In that snapshot, the optimizer isn’t really telling you to put on those enchants for marksman - it’s telling you to put them on for beast mastery, and that is carrying through to marksman.