Best in Bags gives Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow error

Before anything, I believe you’ll want the following:
Snapshot: dcd49e278ece44e1a9af4314ef19120f
Error ticket: c9e6b3ef63b34da89bcad9fbf70bacdb

Issue seems to be linked to my specific Talent build containing both Deeply rooted elements and Skybreaker’s fiery demise as deselecting one of those specific talents does fix the issue.

Thanks for the post, I’ll take a look. Elemental was really complicated, hopefully it’s not too hard to fix, hah.

I found the bug - we’ll post a fix later today

I had same error Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow error when attempting to get Best in Bags recommendation. I’m able to access this feature from 6 other characters in 2 accounts.

Is that the error ID or the snapshot ID? We need the snapshot – I wasn’t able to load that. Usually the error message will tell you how to make a snapshot, it’s also in this post: