Best in slot changed its mind after already crafting 1st option

Wasted mats on a craft (Complicated Cuffs) then best in slot changed to a different crafted item (Flame-Touched cuffs).
Two weeks of getting a spark together and 3 crests wasted. YAY

I would need a snapshot of your case to make any comment on what is happening in your case. Instructions on how to do that here:

Is now saying Complicated cuffs again. so hmmm.

See my previous message – if you can create a snapshot I can take a closer look for you.


Best in slot keeps changing the wrist item from Boulder-Tossing Bands to Complicated Cuffs and Flame-Touched Cuffs. And Bow of the Dragon Hunters with Brutal Dragonslayer’s Trophy.

Those wrist items rank extremely close to each other. Minor changes in settings could cause Best in Slot to go one way or the other… doesn’t really matter which you use.

Best in Slot is not a static list… it will change as you change settings, talents, etc.

If you are trying to determine your next couple of upgrades, using the Upgrade Finder is usually a better approach than looking at the Best in Slot list. Best in Slot is interesting to look at as an answer to “what would the best possible set of gear kind of look like?”

Something that shows as the “Best in Slot” wrist item with your current settings might not be the best wrist to use with the current gear that you own (Best in Bags). They are two different optimization scenarios.