BIB does not seem to be working properly for TBC

Weird recommendations for TBC: it seems to ignore new items, fails to update talent choices (when I respecced, I had to manually change the talents as it kept the old, and it’s failed to update the new talent point I got at 61), and actually recommends items it itself thinks are a dps loss!

We don’t change the talents used for optimization when you import. Because we allow you to have multiple setups per spec, it would be awkward if we kept changing them on you – there wouldn’t be a good way to know which of your multiple setups to change. Also, people often have their talents slightly different in-game when e.g. doing solo stuff compared to what they use for raiding and optimization, so it would be irritating if we overwrote those.

You should manually choose the talents that you want to use for optimizing with each of your setups. We copy your current talents for convenience the first time you load a character.

As for the gear recommendations, I think you just need to get a few more gear options, or maybe need to reset your gear information in the addon. Instructions on how to do that here:

Thanks for that.
Followed the steps (except UNLOCK ALL - nothing was locked), but still getting recommendations that are a -2.93% DPS loss according to its own calculations, and with what appears to be odd gear choices.
Anything else I can do?

Could you post another snapshot showing your latest results? We can take a closer look at that and see what’s up.


For Best in Bags we prune out items that aren’t very relevant for your spec to improve performance. In your case, you don’t have any rings that the filter considers relevant for a hunter – they are caster rings.

I can relax the filter a bit for edge cases like this… I guess mana and mana regen have some value for hunters in TBC, so we can include items that only have those stats.

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Would it be an easy addition to add a check mark ir something to, use current talent build. Your comments for not changing them makes a lot of sense. But i have been caught a few times with assuming i had my current build and then realizing that the build was still using an old one that i had since changed several days ago.

Maybe something you could look into when u have nothing better to do. I am sure u r just like the rest of us and have sooo much free time. :slight_smile: