BiB is suggesting I remove my staff and replace it with nothing, shadowpriest, gnarled staff of the elder shaman

Best In Bag has been showing this for a week or so now and I just ignore it, however, it’s annoying and is probably a bug.

If you create a snapshot, we can use that to try your specific case and see what’s up. Instructions on how to do that here:

here is the ‘snapshot’


thanks for any help

Things got into a state where the optimizer couldn’t choose a valid weapon combination. You had your dagger locked in your main hand, but then you excluded your only available off-hand, thus it could not find a valid main+off hand combo.

I can try to put in some checks to prevent a case like this from happening, but you can get around the issue by pressing “unlock all” at the bottom-right of the results table, then press re-optimize.

Thank you!!! I don’t use lock very often!