BiB keeps replacing locked items

So i lock specific slots to keep them from being replaced by the BiB optimization, and lately it’s started replacing those items anyway. But the items it’s replacing them with are literally nonsense. I don’t mean like telling me to equip low level gear or anything i mean literally nonsense right now it’s telling me to equip boots to a trinket slot.

It’s not just a visual bug on the website if i do an export while its like this it carries over in game

A more useful way to evaluate your gearset would be with a Snapshot ID of your character.

Click on Help by BiB & then Create Support Post to generate a code - post that code as a reply & someone will be better able to assist you with this issue.

Thank you, in advance.

ok here’s the code 4d1ce10697f2450c82e5bc5436b5812f

it’s not an issue i can’t work around on my own but i couldn’t figure out how to do a bug report.

That’s quite a few spec’s to keep optimal, indeed… do you play them all & is this the right priority for HOW you play them?


You may want to drag them around to better reflect your playstyle, if not.

Thanks for the snapshot – this issue can happen sometimes if things get really out of sync for whatever reason. It’s rare, and I can never quite reproduce how it gets in this state in the first place, but it’s easy to fix by doing the following:

This is going to be a little bit of an annoyance because you will need to unlock everything, then redo your locks (make sure to do it for all of your setups). But once the issue is resolved, in theory it should never come back again. At least we haven’t had any reports of it recurring for a user before.

Let us know if that doesn’t help out.

funny you should say that, i came here to bug report this because it was the 2nd time it’s happened to me.

Yes, the top one is my primary setup for raid. The first unholy setup is my main aoe M+ dps setup. The 2nd blood setup is a specialized blood setup for sylvanas, Blood+ is my blood M+ defensive setup. The 2nd Unholy one down there above frost is my Single target unholy setup. Most of this was setup to micromanage my soulbinds in a time before you could switch them around. And i keep it like that mostly because the addon doesn’t add conduits for me i have to do all that manually so i hate swapping them around.