BiB ring suggestion for destro warlock

Is not the onyx ring 424 but a 389 Bronze Band of Destinies which has 650 stam ,348 versatility ,588 mastery

[Niobee - Character (] (Niobee - Character)

If you post a snapshot we can take a closer look at your specific case, instructions on how to do that here:

Thank you very much ill try my best , I am not really good at this tho


Hope it is ok and u ll be able to see something

When I load that snapshot, I see Bronze Band of Destinies and Signet of Titanic Insight equipped on your character, and also suggested by the Best in Bags optimizer. The Onyx Annulet is in your inventory, but it scores worse than your other rings.

Perhaps something weird got cached on your end… we have an update later today with some 10.1.7 stuff, that should clear out any cache from before the update, so give it a try later today and see if it looks better.

Thank you very much Yellowfive for ur time and help , I will give it a try for sure .Thanks again and have a great day

I tried it but no result , I’ll try again later

Sunday , still doesn’t work

Could you generate a new snapshot for me from after the site update? I can give it another try to see if I can reproduce your result.


Just noticed that some warlocks destro dont have the onyx ring and some are il higher and some lower

Have a great day

So perhaps I’m not understanding… are you saying that you expect it should be picking the onyx annulet, or not?

Note that they did significantly reduce the value of damage effects on the onyx annulet a couple patches ago, so it is nowhere near as strong anymore.

So perhaps I’m not understanding …lol . I must be describing my problem the wrong way .Yes I was expecting the onyx ring being AMR’S choice .Thanks for answering my question and fixing my "problem "at the same time .Sorry for taking much of ur time and have a great day