BiB telling me I need less haste, but has me enchant haste


This makes no sense to me. The graph at the bottom right is telling me to get more vers and mastery (which is what I want to do - putting together a vers set). It is also telling me to get less crit and less haste. This is happening in both my “Say What?” and

So, it is really baffling to have BiB tell me to enchant and gem for haste. Why would it not tell me to enchant for the things it is telling me I should get more of i.e vers and mastery?

I also locked this set in because my Mythic + Prot set is telling me sort of the same thing. I need more vers. The Say What? Set is what I started with (almost I didn’t remember the exact pieces when I started).

I am at 19% vers and 34% mastery in the Say What set (the locked one). Just letting AMR set all my gear without locking anything I drop down to 8% vers and 31% mastery