Stat Analysis says to get different stats than optimizer picks for gems/enchants

A common question I have been seeing is something along the lines of:

“Why does the stat graph say I should get more of stat X and less of stat Y, but then the optimizer is telling me to gem and/or enchant for stat Y?”

If you look at the language in the Stat Analysis, you will see that it says: “Gear better than yours often has:”

This phrasing is intentional and important. There are many different stat distributions which are good. Not ALL of them have high crit (as an example). But, maybe a majority of them do. In that case, we’ll tell you to look for gear with more crit.

When we optimize your currently available gear, we look for the best stat distribution that you can achieve right now. Even though most setups better than yours might have more crit than you… maybe you just don’t have the right gear yet to make use of one of those solutions. The optimizer will find a different stat distribution that maximizes your currently available stats, which might even end up increasing a stat that is typically lower when you have more options available to you.

The Stat Analysis graph is there to give you an idea of what gear to look out for if you want a quick, at-a-glance answer for the question: this item just dropped, is it good? Of course, the best way to determine if any item is an upgrade for you right now is to use Best in Bag. It is also useful because if you know that most gear better than yours has more crit - even if you get an item with crit that isn’t worth equipping right now… you know that if you get 2 or 3 better items with crit, there is a good chance you will end up using them. So, you should save those items for later.

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