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So, I’ve read over other times it’s happened and thought I completely understood. But I’m kind of confused on to why this is happening.

My BiB says: Less Crit, Less Haste, More Mastery, More Vers. Okay, I understand that when I get a piece of gear I should be losing Haste/Crit and gaining Mastery/Vers. But then I got a piece of gear that somewhat compliments what AMR says to do for gear upgrades.

465 Seal of Questionable Loyalties: Haste>Crit
465 Footbomb Championship Ring: Mastery>Haste

So, I would be losing Crit, and some Haste while gaining Mastery. This sounds exactly what AMR says is a gear upgrade. So, I’m unsure as to why it says it’s a downgrade. That’s also not the only ring I have that fits the bill.
465 Jade Ophidian Band: Mastery>Vers
That one loses the Haste/Crit completely and gains the Mastery/Vers entirely, but again, worse than the other ring.

Hi, it’s likely because amr is showing your long term goals in regards to stats.
But the short term goals (i.e. maximize my damage right now), may disagree massively with the long term

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have you read this post?

@deathingames The long-term goals for Unholy DK are high Mastery, medium Crit/Haste, 0 Vers. So, it’s definitely not telling me potential BiS stats.

@Swol Yes, I’ve read that. But I have multiple pieces that would shift my gear in the way AMR is telling me to, but it won’t do the shift. It feels more like it’s trying to build around my small 6% haste corruption, instead of trying to push the stats in the way it’s saying I should be going. I mean, maybe it’s trying to push more haste to take advantage of that and the proc rate of TD on my other piece, but then the recommended gear should also reflect that advice. I made the post because several times I’ve gotten gear with the stats it suggests, but even combined, it won’t swap away from haste. In fact, when I’ve gotten haste gear, it puts it on over other things.

I used to have higher Mastery than Haste, with AMR telling me to get more Mastery every time, but it keeps having me put on Haste and take off Mastery. All the while telling me I should be looking for more Mastery.

When I get more pieces with the recommended stats, I can post an update (provided it’s still doing the same thing) to further help the problem. I feel like there is a disconnect between the BiB working around Corruption effects in bags and the Recommended Stats tab.

If you have a +% haste corruption, that will make haste more valuable. The “stat analysis” wouldn’t really “know” about that particular corruption effect. If haste is a good stat for you, the corruption effect is probably enough to make it your best stat due to the increased value per point of haste you will get.

So, it’s as I thought. There is a disconnect between the Recommended Stats and the Corruption pieces that causes Rec to not give you accurate upgrade info.

The recommended stats are still the correct general advice if you were to ever not use that corruption effect. Keep in mind that we are careful to say that those recommendations are “usually” the stats you want. There is no way to give general stat recommendations that are always going to be “best” for specific data points.