BiS/BiB(maybe gearcheck too) compare talents?

Some talents will be more or less effective dependant on your gear. Some stats affect certain spells more, so specialising for that spell will make that stat more valuable. With the addition of Azerite armor, this becomes especially true with some azerite traits having impact on talents or vice versa. I understand Mr Robot will optimize your gear for your current talets so that this is taken into account.

Has there been any discussion of allowing Mr Robot to suggest talents to go with your gear aswell?

In my mind, there would be a setting in the Set Up to allow Mr Robot to optimize your talents aswell. This would make sense in BiB and BiS, and probably in Gear Check too.

Then i imagine two possible paths

  • On the result screen you can lock in the talents you prefer and hit Re-Optimize, just like you do with Azerite Traits.
  • Still on the Settup, you can blacklist some talents that you dislike (being too mechanical/awkward) and then mr robot optimizing around your gear and talents, hopefully coming out with a better end result. This means that Mr Robot can pick between two talents on any level where you really dislike one of the talents. This could be better than always locking in a specific talent.

I’m not too sure that this option would make enourmous differences, but in theory I imagine there are traits that are clearly better, but only if you have a specific talent. I mainly play protection warrior and some traits/talents come to mind.

There has been discussions about suggesting talents. It would take far more compute power then is currently being used right now because you’d have to do BiB for every talent set that’s relevant.

So instead of clicking on BiB and it doing it once, taking 2 - 3 seconds. It would do BiB 150-250 times taking 5 - 13 minutes to generate one set.

It has been brought up as a feature that would be cool to have, but I don’t think it would be technically feasible right now.

Yeah, we’d like to do some form of talent suggestion in the future. Just have to think on an efficient way to do it because it essentially explodes the gear optimization problem even more.

Cool! Yeah I guess I was thinking that since you’re already optimizing all these different Azerite traits, talents shouldn’t be any different.

But interesting to know you’ve thought about it. I think it would be cool!

Yeah, right now the talents are used as a constraint on the optimization problem. Once we change them from a constraint to a variable… yeah, you get the idea :wink:


haha aah… yeah that makes sense! Math always has to ruin the fun…

Math doesn’t ruin the fun; it just makes the fun take longer.