BiS Results Do Not Reflect Currently Equipped Gear

Normally the equipped gear vs BiS shows a dark font to represent items already gathered and removes the lines that usually go through the equipped gear to show that you’ve equipped the recommended item. It doesn’t seem to reflect correctly for me. My BiB seems to work fine, just my BiS acting wonky. I’ve refreshed, logged out - logged in, restarted the webpage, but the issue persists. It’s strictly aesthetics, but I figure it’s not supposed to act this way anyway.

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Same here! Aesthetics, but make it more cumbersome to see what is missing.

Could you post a snapshot of a case where this is happening? Instructions on how to do that in this post:

For Best in Slot this can sometimes happen because there are so many variants of the same items… it might be functionally equivalent, but it has different bonus IDs making it appear as a different item, e.g. maybe it was made via the catalyst or it’s a different difficulty upgraded to the same ilvl, etc.

Snapshot ID Below:


Thanks in advance!

Here is my Snapshot. While I understand and see the differences in the IDs, this does not appear to affect the stats relative to the equipped item versus the BIS recommendation. Perhaps too granular, especially if there is no way to find a match or reconcile?


Here is another snapshot from a different character. I noted in this case the Main Hand Weapon, “Vakash, the Shadowed Inferno” version I have equipped has an additional ID that the BIS recommended item (Vakash) is missing (2424). abc28fe613724c7785f2cd4d50ff9ca6

The difference is the “Shadowflame Suffused” label on the item… it is unclear to me if that has any functional implications… probably just flavor text?