BIS Trinkets Not Up2date

I have seen, that there is missing the Soulletting Ruby ilvl 210+. Any reasons? This is BIS for many caster classes.

We have that trinket and all of its variants available. I would need a snapshot to help you out with your specific case, instructions on how to do that here:

Here the options for Ruby

Sorry, was lazy to read the instructions. Here the snapshot ID


If you want to see the ranking of a higher item level version of it in the BiS list, use the mythic+ level dropdown that you see in your screenshot. Set it to the level of the items you wish to see.

It’s set to +15 Vault

See snapshot

I mean, when you open up the ranked list, like in your screenshot. You can see to the right of the list there is an option for what items you want to see in that list. It is under the Item Options heading.

The settings in step one will tell the optimizer what items to consider, but the ranked lists allow you to see any variation you want ranked vs the item the optimizer chose.