Blood DK dps gear not being selected


I saw a guy in a dungeon that was dpsing with blood spec, He was doing pretty good. I know that blizz had stated they were fixing the way dancing run weapon works and that it would be a huge increase in Blood spec dps. So after seeing how well the guy did, i decided to try it. I copied his talent build and usied the ingame addon, pasted the info int AmR and it shows blood but it only recommends Tank gear. The slider was at mostly tough so i slid it all the way left to all dps. It still selected mostly Tank gear and even gems. I am mostly a tank so most of my higher ilvl gear is for tanking but i had a frost dps spec and when in that spec AmR has no problem chosing my dps gear.

Is there a way to have AMR know that i want to DPS in Blood talents and i have another Blood spec that i use for tanking. Could this be added if it isn’t already.

Could you post a snapshot of your case so that I can try it out? Moving the slider to the DPS side should choose more damage-oriented gear for Blood already. Also, is this for Dragonflight or WotLK?

Instructions on how to make a snapshot are in this post: