Blood DK dps gear not being selected


I saw a guy in a dungeon that was dpsing with blood spec, He was doing pretty good. I know that blizz had stated they were fixing the way dancing run weapon works and that it would be a huge increase in Blood spec dps. So after seeing how well the guy did, i decided to try it. I copied his talent build and usied the ingame addon, pasted the info int AmR and it shows blood but it only recommends Tank gear. The slider was at mostly tough so i slid it all the way left to all dps. It still selected mostly Tank gear and even gems. I am mostly a tank so most of my higher ilvl gear is for tanking but i had a frost dps spec and when in that spec AmR has no problem chosing my dps gear.

Is there a way to have AMR know that i want to DPS in Blood talents and i have another Blood spec that i use for tanking. Could this be added if it isn’t already.

Could you post a snapshot of your case so that I can try it out? Moving the slider to the DPS side should choose more damage-oriented gear for Blood already. Also, is this for Dragonflight or WotLK?

Instructions on how to make a snapshot are in this post:


I wrote this post awhile back and forgot about it. I have the slider all the way to the left, all dps. It is still selecting tank gear in some slots. it appears to me that there are better dps pieces available. I also notice that it is giving me 450 defense. It still shows a tanking and when i use a frost or unholy it shows a dps, Is there a way to chose Blood DPS without it chosing tank gear? I don’t know how it works but it looks like it is giving me the best offensive gear but still making sure i am def capped.

As Blood it will never completely discount the value of defensive stats for a DK… though “All Offense” will heavily favor offensive stats.

I would have to look over the calculations in more detail, but my guess is that it is keeping reasonably high dodge+parry so you can use more Rune Strike. Probably a good strategy even for a damage-focused Blood DK tank.

If you want to optimize for a scenario where you aren’t getting hit and thus won’t use Rune Strike, you could choose either Frost or Unholy as your spec, then set Blood talents. It will examine your talents to figure out which abilities to use no matter which spec you choose.


I don’t have a problem with the calculation for a damage focused tank though. I am not trying to tank with this build. I want to be pure dps blood spec. I thought about just using the frost calculations, but i know Frost and Unholy prio different stats and i don’t know how much different blood and frost are. I know blood gets more use out of arm pen than frost does so i don’t think using frost would work.

I just want to dps with blood talents and not tank at all with that spec. with a rotation like Icy touch, plague strike, death strike, heart strike x2 dancing rune weapon, death strike, heart strike x5. And use blood boil on packs of 5 or more.

if it can’t be done, it can’t be done. Just something to consider if you get bored and want to make another spec . lol

In theory choosing Frost (or Unholy) but choosing Blood talents will do what you want – by saying you are Frost or Unholy you’re essentially telling us “I’m in a damage role, I’m not tanking”, then your specific talents tell us the rotation you want to use. Since you have Heart Strike (and DRW), we know that you probably want to use a rotation with Heart Strike and Death Strike (and probably burn most of your runic power with Death Coil).

This is a bit of an uncommon case… looking at the code I think with one small tweak it should work as expected – right now I think it’s falling through to a Morbidity style rotation and not detecting that it should use Death Strike as the rune spender when choosing full Blood talents on a Frost/Unholy “spec” setup.

We’ll fix that in the next update and it should handle your case as expected… though that update might not be until Nov 7th with the 10.2 update for retail. We’re pretty buried in work for the next week and a half getting ready for that.

Awesome. Ty for the explanation. I ran with Frost and put the talents in. It looks pretty good and is chosing pretty much what i would have expected.