Can AskMr.Robot do x?

I have a few questions regarding the capabilities of this site.

When I go to customize my strategy, the machine learning tool seems to put me at a 915 item level average, even when my average item level is 920. When I change it and save it to reflect that, I go back in to double check, and it is back at the 915 average. Is this intentional, am I missing something?

Does the simulator take into account procs from legendaries to assess DPS in sims? I’m speaking namely of a balance druid legendary, Oneth’s Intuition. When using this legendary it is recommended by and large to use Stellar Drift as the level 100 talent to exploit it, regardless of number of targets. Warcraftlogs parses seem to reflect this. However, the simulator here shows a DPS increase on Goroth when using Nature’s Balance instead of Stellar Drift.

Lastly, will Mr.Robot ever recommend talents for me to use, or is it just gear?

Cheers, and thank you for your work here.

Yes. See also Stat Goals and Graphs It’s not just legendary effects that the sims take into account, it’s all effects from any piece of gear.

You can run a batch simulation to compare talents, see Tutorial on batch sims