Can't get addon to update gear

The import string I get from the addon doesn’t seem to be updated at all after I changed talents and got new gear. I even tried reinstalling everything and running without any other addons enabled. How do I force the addon to update the string?

Whenever you open the user interface of the in-game addon and go to the Export tab, it is updated automatically. If you change something while the export tab is showing, just close the in-game addon window and open it again to get it to update.

Note that we don’t overwrite the talents you see in your setups on the website when you import. We load them the very first time for convenience, but you must update them after that. The reason for this is that the optimization is tailored to your talents, and you may want to maintain multiple setups with different talents. If we were to overwrite your talents on the website every time you import, it would be pretty annoying.

Also, if you think that some gear information isn’t making it to the website, you can follow these steps to ensure that all cached in-game addon data gets refreshed:

Let me know if that information resolves your issue.