Catalyst suggestion

Good morning,

Please note that purchased/dropped Rift gear (veteran) can be converted to Tier at the Catalyst console. Can someone pass this on to Sir Robot please. :slight_smile:

We can make sure those show up as catalyst options in the next site update.

If you have a snapshot of a character with some time rift items that can be converted, we could use that for an extra test case to ensure that the update is working before we post it. Instructions on how to make a snapshot here:

Hey @yellowfive, Thanks for the reply and future update. Will be uber helpful features for alts.

Will check chars and see if any are pre-catalyst upgrade.


Here we go; 55d325df74404e8b992d0a2cad9f9f4d

Char has 1 item that is eligible for catalyst - boots.

and one more; abdf293fc8c748e989486636df9196f9

Paradoxical Cowl

Thanks – we did an update yesterday that should fix this issue, I tried both of your cases and they seem to be working now.

Brilliant, working great! Thanks :slight_smile: