Catalyst upgrade finder not showing owned tier shoulders on list (but showing owned tier chest)


I noticed when running the catalyst option in the upgrade finder, it is correctly listing all owned non tier options for upgrades/conversion, but is not showing all my owned tier items. This happens with the set bonus prediction enabled and disabled, and occurs across all 4 of my specs. Specifically, I own the shoulders and chest for the season 2 tier set, and it shows the chest but not the shoulders as owned.

This may not be much of an issue if the owned shoulders are still being used correctly in the calculations, but I wanted to check the status since one is listed and one isn’t.

Thanks for the assistance.

I think I figured this out; it looks like iIhave an eligible chest item for the catalyst (so it is showing that although it is eligible, I already own the tier piece it would become), but I don’t have an eligible shoulder item to upgrade (so it isn’t showing the owned tier piece at all).

I assume the calculator is using all owned tier pieces in its calculations (as it is using all the other possessed gear as well). I am curious though if the set bonus prediction option uses any actually owned tier pieces to further refine its predictions for those tier pieces not obtained yet?

Correct – it will only show results for items that can be converted, and if the item to which it would convert is already owned, we show it as “owned” in the list.

Set bonus prediction for the catalyst (and similar searches) is a little tricky… so we ended up going with the simplest approach because it tends to give the most stable and understandable result: first, we find the best set of gear that you own that contains the new set item being ranked. Then, we activate the 2- and 4- piece bonuses regardless of how many set items you actually have equipped.

While this isn’t a perfect score… it tends to give a decent idea of the potential value a set item could bring. There are so many ilvl variations of items, etc… there would be a lot of guesswork in trying to rank different combos of set items and non-set items. There’s really no good way to predict which non-set item you’ll actually own for the 5th set slot by the time you complete the set.

And of course, the closer you are to completing your set, the more accurate it will be.

The upgrade finder shows that I can use Catalyst to convert Adventurer level Suffused shoulders, which is not correct. Only Veteran and Champion level gear can be converted from what I’m reading, and in fact I tried doing Catalyst to do the upgrade but the shoulders were not allowed.

If you post a snapshot where this is happening we can take a closer look. Instructions on how to do that here: