(Classic Era) AP vs RAP calculation a bit off

Wearing item with +17 Agility (+34 RAP for hunters). AMR offers upgrade to item in bank with +46 AP, which is correct since any AP not Melee specific AP also goes to RAP, but the data sheet on the right of the screen still shows a loss of 34 RAP along with the loss of 17 Agility. The data sheet should show a +12 RAP and the -17 Agility. Not sure if this effects retail sheets as well.

If you could post a snapshot we can take a look at your case. Instructions here:

well, I really dont need “help” with anything. Its an issue of YOURS… not mine.

If its not important enough for you to look into, why do you think I would want to do that for you?

FYI- I work in tech service as well… and if a person reported an issue with our app or software, like a spelling error or display issue… Id probably lose my job if I told them to click a link to report the same thing they just reported.

The snapshot just helps to troubleshoot the problem a lot more quickly – then I can use your exact settings to reproduce your case with all of your settings, etc.

If you don’t wish to provide that I can still look into it, but it could take me longer to identify the issue.

I was able to reproduce the issue and posted an update.

In the future, please follow the instructions to create a snapshot ID when posting an issue. These instructions are presented the first time you make a new topic on the forum as well.

And FYI, in the support industry it is totally acceptable to ask a user for more information in order to provide better or faster service. You must have had some bad managers!