Classic Ranking Updates

Today we posted several tweaks to rankings for classic based on a lot of feedback over the first couple weeks.

The main difference you’ll notice is a slightly stronger preference for hit. Previously the optimizer was going for solutions that rank just as well but favor other stats more. While that will work just fine for you in-game, many people simply prefer higher hit builds.

This change might not always get you exactly at or over the hit cap, but that’s fine – many times it is not a good idea to do so. Nothing “magical” happens at the hit cap. Some bonus doesn’t activate that wasn’t active before. The only thing that happens is something negative: a good stat (hit) loses a lot of value and becomes a bad stat. Especially that last 1%, part of it gets wasted because the hit cap is not an even number, so staying just below it is often optimal.

We may also add a customization option to let you force a specific amount of hit – still working on that.

Maybe you should add a option to choose preferred hit cap?
For example for 300 WS and 8.6% miss chance i prefer option with 8% hit cap than 9%. Currently it’s somewhere waste of 0.4% hit.

“Never miss” - over hit to never miss
“Balanced” - round down value of miss chance to calculate hit
“Optimal” - old method, that was looking for the best possible dps.

I understand why people want hit cap, because any possible miss during boss encounter can lower their overall damage and they want to protect themselves in this way.

Also with lower hit chance if amount of misses will te the same or lower than on build with more hit, then they have chance to do more damage on encounter.

I think people forget about dodge. At 8% hit with 300 WS you’ll have your attack avoided (dodge/miss) 7.1% of the time, at 9% hit with 300 WS you’ll have your attack avoided 6.1% of the time. It won’t feel any different in-game at all. You won’t stop being avoided with 9% hit on your gear.

From my original post:


One of the most difficult things to understand is weapon expertise

Classic does not have expertise, that was added later. If you mean weapon skill, we have a post about that and chance to hit:

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