Classic WoW Optimizer

Last post I saw regarding it was back in April. And since we now have a launch day and are much closer to it: Are you going to have an optimizer for Classic WoW?

I’m sure it would (maybe?) double the work load that you are currently doing and split time from Live, but I know I would appreciate it.

Maybe not have all the bells and whistles that Live has, but more of a general Optimizer/BiB. Leave out the Upgrade Finder/BiS to reduce the workload.

There will be fewer options (thankfully no m+ to make an infinite number of item possibilities), but the low stat itemization can make it hard to tell what is an upgrade and what isn’t. Especially when trying to get to an ideal amount of spirit/mp5 for healers.


We’re focused on 8.2 right now… but once everything is squared away with that, we’ll give some thought to WoW classic. We don’t have any specific plans yet, but I’m thinking that we’ll first see how much interest there really is – how many people actually play classic and stick with it enough to want an optimizer.


While blizz hasn’t released the numbers, those servers are now PACKED via pre-character creation. I would love to see AMR on classic, if you guys could spare the time :slight_smile:


I would pay solely for classic support. I do not play modern wow anymore.


I would also pay solely for classic support.


I haven’t played any of current exp (the only one I haven’t) and will be returning to Classic. I was an avid user of AMR and subscriber. I would reactive my subscription solely for Classic.

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Same here. Coming back just for classic. would hate to have to go back to the days of spreadsheets if i dont have to.

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Ask Mr. Robot is so great! Please add Classic support


Haha spreadsheet’s I remember those days.

Same here, would pay for classic!

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Yes, please add WoW Classic support. I very often tell people to AskMrRobot questions about gear optimization. I’d love to be able to tell them the same in Classic.

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Please add support for classic. I’m a paying customer and am now moving to classic. If another service supports Classic, I’m moving to it. :wink:

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Paying customer, returning to WoW for Classic


I am an AMR customer, I have effectively abandoned retail for Classic and would love to see a classic version of AMR.

We will keep an eye on this. It would be a lot of work to make a classic version of the site. I’m pretty sure we’d have to re-write the addon because the API in classic is different, which would be a big chunk of it.

I’m also not entirely sure how we’d rank the gear, since I don’t think anyone really plans to make a simulator for classic.

Maybe folks who are playing classic could give me some insights into what kinds of decisions you feel like you need help with?

As with the live site, we’d only be looking to support max level gear optimization.

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Well right now I play a Hunter. The biggest obstacle for me is deciding which weapons to use. Dual wielding 2 dagger stat-sticks or perhaps a 2-handed staff stat-stick. Then when I progress much further I have a very difficult time balancing out an item that gives me a 1% crit chance with no agility over another item that solely has say 15 agility. It’s just these small min-maxing iterations that I love about AMR in retail wow that I REALLY miss helping me in Classic. Thank you for responding to our posts mods :smile:

I have gone to classic only for now. Would also love to see support for this. Currently paid up and will continue to pay if support is added.

I’ve been using AMR since ~2015 and BFA was the first time I’ve let my AMR subscription lapse. Now that classic is out, one of the first things I did was check if there’s classic support to see about re-subbing.

Also I logged in to BFA to get a WSG match in 'cause I’m almost done with Justicar, and I’ve been in queue for 22min and I haven’t seen a single message in trade. So I think you might have things reversed. Is there enough of a demand to keep supporting BFA?

Don’t think the addon needs much work.
I think I read somewhere that the version of the API is from Legion, so not that long ago.

I pay allready for askmr-robot? I there any chance to get AskMrRobot for Classic?