Classic WoW Optimizer

Now i play classic version only i need it support.
Help as plese.

Any news about AskMrRobot for Classic?
When can i pay for this?

Classic is all I’ll be playing from the point forward. I as well would pay solely for that support

We’re researching what it would take to do this. I’m still interested in what kinds of choices people are wanting help with!

I will pay too. I already deleted my BFA account.

Were paying you to make gearing something we don’t need to think about. So I would assume a total solution is what people are looking for.

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Yeah, I guess what I mean is that the gear in classic is very simple compared to modern WoW. I don’t really remember wondering much which items to use - it was more of just putting in the time to get the best gear.

Simple or not, it’s not a part of the game that i’m terribly interested in. I don’t enjoy fiddling with gear at all. And numbers aren’t really my thing. So even though it’s simple by some standards. I find gearing tedious and uninteresting. I would prefer it to be as easy and straightforward as humanly possible. And it seems I and others, are willing to pay for that. I no longer play bfa, so I suppose a classic client is all i’m really interested in now.

We’re still looking into it – unfortunately this isn’t something we can just do overnight. There’s also a lot less support for classic out there (e.g. you can’t load characters from the armory for classic), so it’s actually more challenging in some regards.

It needs to happen or someone else will do it. We are standing here with money in our hands asking someone to do this, please make it happen.

LONG time user of AskMrRobot. Almost entirely playing Classic now. I check from time to time if Classic is being supported yet. I understand you’re researching, but is there an ETA?

Thank you!

I too am Interested in coming back for classic wow. I quit BFA a while back because most of my crew dropped out. They have all come back together for classic. I would easily pay for classic wow AMR support.

If ya’ll haven’t started making Mr Robot compatible with Classic yet LETS GO!!! This is a no brainer.

Made an account just to post this, will also pay for a Classic version :slight_smile:


Been using amr since it came out I don’t see why this is even a question it’s simple stats and an 8.0 backend should be easy to do

Yeah, the problem is that it’s not easy to do :frowning:

It will take a few weeks of work probably to get it all up and running, which is why we’re being careful to gauge if this wow classic thing is just a flavor of the month, or something that will be lasting. We may post something on the main site to gauge interest more accurately to see if we can afford the dev time.

Another vote here. :slight_smile: I get that you need to make sure there is demand for it. Logging in to sign the petition. Haven’t played retail in well over a year. Been playing Classic nearly every day for a few hours and would love to see Mr Robot work with Classic WoW. Thanks!

just canceled my yearly sub, will not be renewing unless you create a version for classic. Love your work and hope you find time for classic!

we have paid for 3 subs in our house. but now play classic. won’t sub for retail anymore. hope you make classic one soon its super useful

Cancelled yearly sub, no use to me anymore without classic being included