Conduit Rank & ilvl not correct in best in bag and best in slot

Apologies if this has been raised already.

Two of my conduits are listed at a lower rank/level in AMR then they are in game.

When I import my character data it shows correctly (Well-honed instincts (ilevel 239) rank 8, unstoppable growth (ilevel 226) rank 7) but when I do best in bags, it lists the conduits at rank 7 and rank 6 respectively.

Can you provide a Snapshot ID for the character in question, please, so that more thorough assistance can be offered?

Thank you, in advance.

I can provide the Addon Output as well if needed

Screenshots don’t help us a lot - use that “help” link to generate a snapshot id and post that instead.

You could also try a rest of your addon data if it is stuck out of sync:

Snapshot ID: 13f07c8edee24fdcb924efc86c8359cc

This probably has something to do with that enhanced conduit slot… I’ll take a look and see what we can figure out.

Thanks, but it was happening before the enhanced slot became a thing. Same thing happens if I move it to a different slot

This is an issue that can pop up if you have a conduit locked, then get an upgrade to it. If you click on the list of icons for your soulbind tree in your Best in Bags solution to view the complete path, then click Unlock Path, then Re-Optimize, then refresh the web page, it should show the proper rank then.

I’ll see if I can get it to automatically update locked conduit ranks on import.