Corruption consideration for Test Combinations

Unless I’ve not found it, there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify a maximum corruption level in “Test Combinations”. Is this something that can be added?

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We don’t have that option right now for batch simulations… we could put it on the list of future features though.

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That would be very handy.

I keep waiting to see this option added. It would be very helpful!

Very helpfull indeed. Or at least sum the total corruption in the result view for every combination

This is a requirement if you want to be competitive against raid bots. Been a customer since MoP, dissapointed to see lack of corruption support for combination testing, as well as lack of updates for gearing strategy sims.

It’s now June 2nd, corruptions are the only important thing in the game, and the sims don’t support any configuration of them.

This has already been added to the simulator.

The optimizer has always had a corruption max option available from the moment it went live.

The simulator is a free tool so we don’t really worry about “competition” - it is for the benefit of the community. Gearing Strategy simulations did not end up being useful for BfA because of the direction the gearing went. We decided instead to focus on customization features for the optimizer that let people bend it to their will.

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Yes the optimzer has this, but I do not want to use the optimzer. I want to run very specific simulations using the test combination tool with a corruption max option there as well. I know the optimizer works well for the average user, and it does have quite a bit of customization, I’d just like to see that same customization make it to the actual simulator client aspect.

For example if I want to test gear combinations for a verse/haste build with PVP trinkets against single target w/ no add spawn as a psuedo pvp build comparison, how much reliable simulation data from other haste/versa builds have you realistically ran to provide an accurate build in the optimizer? Not to mention, you can’t customize the fight script, rotation script or other parts of the simulator when using the optimizer which makes it unable to provide a customizable best-in-bags/test-combination output like the actual test-combination sim would.

We added this feature a couple weeks ago: May 2020: New Corruption Features for BfA

Thank you the last time I looked would have been a few weeks ago. I am checking now and can confirm I see the setting present under the gear tab.