Creation Catalyst Upgrade Finder

There is something odd with the creation catalyst upgrade finder at least for my warrior.


For my Arms spec, it suggests that turning any of my cloaks to a “tier” cloak at ilvl 272 would be an small upgrade even though I already have one equipped at 272. It’s worse for my protection spec, suggests it would be a decent upgrade but BIB wont even use it when I optimize. An odd result.

It has to do with the gem/enchant threshold and some of the inner workings of how that particular ranking is done. If you set the threshold to disabled, you’ll see that it matches up.

Differences like that are so tiny that we chose not to worry about it, since it would significantly complicate the optimization code without really improving the results.

Snapshot ID: 6e692e79731a4bec871125858399f075

I came here wondering the same thing. So I set my gem/enchant threshold to disabled and I’m still seeing really questionable upgrades for the creation catalyst. For example, it says converting my 272 crit/vers wrists in to 272 vers/haste wrists would be a 0.23% improvement for my multi-target windwalker setup. That seems unlikely given that haste is, by far, the worst stat for windwalker.

The upgrade finder also says converting my 262 chest and upgrading it to 272 is a 0.22% upgrade over my 275 chest. That’s not just unlikely, it’s impossible.

All the other suggested upgrades would just be straight-up replacements for gear that I already have.


I think that your case is a different issue… there is an edge case where it’s not picking the correct enchant for dual-wield setups. In your case you get a slightly higher score by dual wielding 1-handed weapons, and in one case it’s finding the solution with the proper enchants, and in another case it is not. I’ll fix that and it should be more consistent.

Having burned my weekly token expecting a 4th tier bonus piece based on MR Cataliyst Upgrade suggestion i feel like a fool for trusting in MR. Obviously I was a fool not realizing the suggested wrist piece does not come with the tier bonus anyway. Insult to injury after realizing MR didnt find a suitable tier bonus slot but chose a minor secondary stat delta instead for the best upgrade.

If you post a snapshot we can take a look at your specific case. It’s hard to say what’s up without seeing all of your settings. Instructions here on how to make a snapshot:

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